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Ted Program

TED (Telephone Distribution Program) MN Dept. of Human Services

Ted Program

The Telephone Equipment Distribution Program provides telephone equipment to people who are deaf, hard of hearing, deafblind, speech impaired or have a physical disability and need adaptive equipment in order to use the phone. DHS loans the equipment at no cost for as long as you need the equipment.

The TED Program focuses on telecommunication devices related to the telephone. Available equipment includes but is not limited to: Amplified telephones, Captioned telephones, Hands-free, speakerphones, Light flashing ring signalers, Loud ringers, TTYs.

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Frequently asked questions
• Am I eligible to receive telephone equipment if I live in a nursing home?
• Do I have to pay for repairs?
• How do I return the equipment if I no longer need it?
• How long may I keep the equipment?
• I already have equipment from your program. May I exchange it for a new one?
• May I buy the equipment from you?
• What if I don't qualify?
• Will someone come to my home to install the equipment?

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