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Cantors & Accompanists


You can login to the Web Terminal... to view your schedule, request a sub, and/or update your profile. You will need your user name/password for the Web Terminal. Please email Vicki if you have forgotten this.


Liturgy Plans (Contact Sarah if you need the password)

We have a new setting of the Gloria and Alleluia starting Jan 13 & 14. Listening links are below.

Mass of Joy & Peace (Alonso) Glory to God

Mass of Joy & Peace (Alonso) Alleluia 

Feb. 3rd 5 pm

Feb. 4th 9 am Choir

Feb. 10th 5 pm Choir

Feb. 11th 9 am Bells of the Heart

Feb. 14 6:30pm Ash Wednesday

Feb. 17 & 18 Lent 1

Feb. 24th 5pm Lent 2

Feb. 25th 9 am Kids Choir

March 2nd 5 pm Lent 3

March 3rd 9am Teen Choir

March 9 & 10 Lent 4

March 16 & 17 Lent 5

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