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Cantors & Accompanists  click to access Liturgy plans and music

Cantors: The cantor shares in proclaiming the word of God through the singing of the psalms, responses, and hymns.  The cantor encourages the assembly to sing through their vocal leadership and welcome gestures.  Contact Sarah if you would like more information on cantor ministry.

Instrumentalists: We are always looking to add instruments to worship. If you play an instrument, please contact Sarah.

Adult Choir: 4-part choir for teens-adults. This choir rehearses weekly and sings for 5:00 & 9:00 Masses, alternating. We sing a variety of musical styles.  

Teen Choir:  This choir is open to teens and their friends, and will sing about 4 Sundays per year with one rehearsal before we sing each time. Music will be fun and contemporary. Instrumentalists are welcome, too. Contact Jill for the schedule.  Jill Kiffmeyer–director    320-251-8115 x122 Teen Choir Schedule

Kid’s Choir: Children in grade 2 and older are welcome to sing and ring handbells. Rehearsals are on Wednesdays from 5:30-6:25 pm. New members are welcome and need to contact Jill before the 1st rehearsal. Jill Kiffmeyer–director Kid's Choir Schedule

Bells of the Heart: A Handbell choir for teens-adults.  The ability to read music is a necessary skill. Weekly rehearsals are required. New ringers are welcome and need to contact the director before the 1st rehearsal. 

Men’s Schola: A choir of men who sing 2-4 part Men’s Choir music in addition to the music for Mass.  The schedule will vary. Eric Dahlberg—director


Resurrection Choir: Provides music ministry at Funeral Masses. This group rehearses 30 minutes before each funeral.  In general the music is very familiar and is sung in unison. Jill Kiffmeyer –director

Parish Statement on David Haas music

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