Our parish community rejoices with you as you become fully initiated into the faith community.

What are my next steps?

1. Register

Confirmation is celebrated by students in grade 11 or older 


While immediate preparation begins in grade 11, we expect that students have participated in Sacred Heart's (or an approved) faith formation program starting in grade 9. If not, additional study sessions may be required.

2. Meet

Once registered, information regarding an orientation meeting will be sent out.

Both a parent or guardian and youth are expected to attend the meeting to receive all the information necessary for the year.

Electronic versions of all materials (including detailed full expectations) can be accessed below.

3. Study

In addition to attending faith formation programming, students will meet with a sponsor and complete study materials together.

Toward the end of the year, attend one interactive learning center with a parent or guardian.

4. Retreat

Prior to receiving the Sacrament, students are expected to attend a retreat with their Confirmation classmates.

The date of the retreat will be announced at orientation.

We look forward to journeying with you toward full initiation!