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Homebound Communion


Do you wish to make a big difference in the lives of some of our wonderful people who just happen to be homebound? Do you want to have some fun while doing this? Do you have 60 minutes on a Sunday or Thursday to make that difference? If so, or to inquire a bit more about Homebound Communion Ministry, call or text  Deacon Joe Kresky (320) 200-4454 Also, consider signing up online as you address the Sacred Heart's call to discipleship within our loving parishioners.

Sunday Eucharistic Minister to the Homebound Ministry Description


Ministry Objective:
To bring the Eucharistic Lord from our Church community to those unable to join us at our place of worship.

General Responsibilities

•Prepare a pix with consecrated hosts and obtain bulletins for all people on your communion list.


•Drive to the homes/apartments.


•Create a prayerful environment (quiet, free from distractions) during your visits.


•After completion of all visits, properly clean the pyx in the Sacristy and return it to the designated cupboard.

•Advise Deacon Joe Kresky if there are any additions to the list or people who will not need a homebound visit either temporarily or permanently.
•Please arrange for your own substitute if you will not be available on your scheduled date. You may trade dates with another minister or contact a substitute listed on the schedule. If you are unable to find a substitute, contact Heather.

•Assist in the training of new ministers as requested.

There are 4 different lists of people to visit. Each minister is assigned to one list so they can get to know their clients better.

List #1 Russell Arms Apartments, Group homes, Individual Homes

List #2 Good Shepherd Apartments (3 story complex), Group home, Individual homes


List #3 Shepherd Court and Shepherd Oaks Apartments


List #4 Alterra Sterling House, Individual Homes


There are also ministers who visit the Good Shepherd Nursing Home.

Any confirmed Catholic may participate in this ministry. Students may go along with their parents. Training will include commissioning as a Eucharistic Minister and learning your list of people with an existing Homebound Minister. The use of an automobile is required to perform this ministry.

Ministers are assigned to one list, one Sunday a month. The visits usually take the minister 1-2 hours to complete. The opportunity also exists to serve as a substitute minister.

Length of Term:
You may remain a Homebound Minister for as long as you would like. The schedule usually runs for one year. Let Deacon Joe know if you wish to be removed from the regular schedule.

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