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Wedding Music

Wedding Music Suggestions
Choosing music for the wedding liturgy can be one of the most rewarding tasks of your wedding preparation. Music is more than a decoration to the ceremony – it is an integral part of the rite, just like the prayers, readings, and actions. Music has the power to convey the depths of God’s love for us, to unite the assembly in song, and to express the worship and prayer of those who gather to celebrate this joyful event.

Book your Sacred Heart musicians several months before your wedding. You will have a meeting with them to select the music and to hear what it will sound like on the instruments in church.

To aid in the planning of your wedding, a list of music is provided below. If you would like to listen to a sample of it click on the title. (Some of these aren't the best recordings so please ask your parish musicians to play the songs for you during your meeting.) 

Suggested Psalms

Psalm 34: Taste and See (Moore)

Psalm 103: The Lord is Kind and Merciful  (Cotter)

Psalm 103: The Lord is Kind and Mercuiful  (Haugen)

Psalm 118: This is the Day (Soper)

Psalm 118: This is the Day (Fischer)

Psalm 128: Blest Are Those Who Love You (Haugen)

This psalm has an alternate refrain text of "May the Lord Bless us, may the Lord protect us, all the days of our lives." Many couples choose the alternate refrain.

Suggested Communion Songs

Eye Has Not Seen (Haugen)

Prayer of St. Francis/Make Me a Channel (Temple)

The Servant Song (Gillard)

Table of Plenty (Schutte)

We Come To Your Feast (Joncas)

Vocal Solos

By My Side by Thomas Porter

number 3 on the list

How Beautiful by Twila Paris

Shine on Us by Michael W Smith

Gathering/Song of Praise

All Are Welcome by Marty Haugen

All the Ends of the Earth by Bob Dufford

Canticle of the Sun by Marty Haugen

For the Beauty of the Earth Pierpont

Gather Us In by Marty Haugen

Gather your People by Bob Hurd

Glory and Praise To Our God by Dan Schutte

Joyful, Joyful We Adore You Tune: HYMN TO JOY

Lift Up Your Hearts by Roc O'Connor

Love Divine All Loves Excelling HYFRYDOL

Love is the Sunlight text by Borghlid Jacobson, BUNESSAN

O God Beyond All Praising text by Michael Perry, tune: THAXTED

Praise to the Lord LOBE DEN HERREN

Rain Down by Jamie Cortez

Sing of the Lord's Goodness by Ernest Sands

When Love is Found by Brian Wren

Joyful Joyful by Lorie Line

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